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Brand Dolphin

- Plastic manual pump for bottled water
- Fit for all 5 gallon bottle
- Only have to press head
- Clean inside of plastic pipe with brush after long use

- Adjustable thermostat for accurate temperature control
- System prevents overflow of water from reservoir
- 5 gallon bottle can be installed without spillage
- Noiseless circuit in compact design
- Overheating protection with bimetal and both side are steel panel
- Hot & Cold water dispenser.
Cook & cold water dispenser are available

- Multipurpose stand for bottle and vase supporter
- Light weight and easy to carry
- Heigt: 50cm
- Weight: 2kg

- Auto-peeler of vegetable & fruit
- Stop auto-after peeling
- Reduce waste of time&shapely
- Excellent for decoration

- Dabo has launched dolphin beer carrier
- You can carry 6 bottles of Liquor(beer)at a time with dolphin beer carrier
- Also keep beer safely & easily

500 Pcs/Box
340 Boxes in 20'F Container
680 Boxes in 40'F Container

- Performance
- Fit for all 5 gallon bottle
- It solved the troubles which have arisen in carrying and conveying the mineral water bottles
- It looks neat, clean & keeps fine sanitary condition & it will be a great help to the mineral water
- Packing
- 1 carton box size(mm):
330 x 200 x 485(100 pcs)
- Gross weight: 8kgs

- Transparency
Excellent clarity of the bottle makes it possible to show your products purity & freshness for long period.
- Leakproofness
Specially designed&polished bottle opening provides tight sealing & perfect leak-free
- Durability
Superior structural strength offers long life cycle & excellent impact resistance
- Economic efficiency
Because of the overall stability of the material & structure, polycarbonate water bottle is returnable, refillable,
& has optimum field performance
- It gives you big saving absolutely

Dolphin opener cup
Use in Two-Cup and opener looks good-4 colors available best choice for your sales promotion and gift

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